5M Project - By Forest City

5M Site Today

4 Acres between 5th, Mission, and Howard

Home to 2,500 Individuals and organizations across on-site partners

Over 1,000 Annual Events, Focusing on Arts, Making and Entrepreneurship

5m Site

5M Project - By Forest City

5M Site Today

750 members in more than 14 fields from community development to venture capital

11,115 people attended 776 total events in 2012

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Supports a network of nearly 200 artists and serves 1,400 youth through educational programs

40+ performances, exhibitions and public art projects this past year with 85,000 attendees

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A 1,200-member shared space of software and tools, from 3D printers to AutoCAD

3,000 training classes and over 200 events annually

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480 member companies, employing 3,200 people in local manufacturing industry

Hosts workshops on financing, hiring and training for local manufacturers

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Serves 4,000-8,000 people per week at 5M

66% of vendors are first time business owners, 55% are minorities and 31% are women

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New Home to Yahoo! San Francisco

Longtime home of The San Francisco Chronicle

5M Project - By Forest City

What it will be

A Mixed-Use Development that connects with the local community

And builds on the vibrancy here today

Through activated open spaces, streets, and alleys


5M Project - By Forest City

New Forms of Urban Density

A variety of building types providing flexible spaces to a diversity of users

Dynamic streets promoting movement between indoor and outdoor spaces


5M Project - By Forest City

Designed for People

An environment built for everyday interactions

And a place for sharing new experiences and creative ideas


5M Project - By Forest City

Full Site Coming Soon

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